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This Cat Is Judging Your Grocery Choices… And He’s Not Impressed.

Wherever their paws may roam, cats quickly establish themselves as the head honchos on the scene. That's why when this kitty found himself in a supermarket in London, he basically started acting like he owned the place -- and we have the hilarious pictures to prove it.

His name is Olly Oliver, and he spends his time stalking the shelves at his local Sainsbury's, silently judging every customer's choices. He's been kicked out by security before, but he always manages to make his way back inside and onto a shelf, waiting for the next customer to glare at. His presence is oddly effective: If he were standing on a shelf full of cookies, I'd think twice about breaking my New Year's resolutions.

Here he is, unabashedly judging you for you and your life choices.

He's always watching, so don't reach for that full fat butter unless you want a swat.

He's also got a very particular way of letting employees know that the shelves need to be restocked.

His lurking skills are unparalleled.

His lurking skills are unparalleled.


“He’s in here every day, all the time,” said the store spokesman.

Of course, Olly isn't supposed to be in the store, for health and safety reasons. Still, the employees and customers get a kick out of having him around.

And at the end of the day, he goes home and snuggles up with his buddies, acting like his day job never even happened.

Cats are master thieves and here's the hilarious photos to prove it.

Source: Bored Panda