By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

They Heard Strange Cries Coming From The Rocks, What They Found Broke Their Heart.

An orca is alive thanks to the hard work of some good people. The 11-year-old whale was stuck on the rocks of Hartley Bay, British Columbia, crying out for help. .

The female became beached when she was hunting for seals and a tide pushed her further and wedged her between the rocks.

In no time, volunteers from several organizations came to her rescue. For eight hours, people did whatever they could to keep the whale at ease including placing sheets on the five-ton animal and pouring water to keep her skin cool and to reduce stress.

By the afternoon, when the tide rose, the orca was able to get herself back in the water. One of the volunteers for Whale Point, an environmental research group wrote, “it was a team effort, and fortunately on some level this transient orca understood that we were trying to help.”

Everyone was happy to see the whale swim away on her own.

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Source: The Dodo