By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Weird Café Actually Exists… And People Are Queuing Up To Get Inside.

It's been a busy day in Tokyo's Tsukishima neighborhood - earlier, we shared a story from Tsukishima about a man who took an adorable walk with his tortoise. Now, we're headed to the owl cafe.

Japan is known for having a variety of themed cafes, including cozy spots where you can pet cats, dogs, and even lambs. Fukuro No Mise, or, The Owl Store, is a place where customers can grab a coffee and hang out with the cutest owls - you're even allowed to touch them!

While the thought of taking tea with a bunch of meat-eating night dwellers might freak some people out, we would like to visit Fukuro No Mise as soon as possible - it looks like a real hoot.

While in Tokyo, you can also visit the Calico Cat Cafe for a cup of coffee and a visit with some kitties.

Source: rocketnews24