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He Found A Baby Animal But Couldn't Figure Out What It Was.

imgur/Jeff Longo

Even though he still couldn’t tell what it was, he was able to find enough information to give the animal a healthy diet to get it back to good health.

Jeff made a mixture of puppy formula and heavy cream, and began bottle feeding. After a while its hair began to grow, and its whiskers got longer, too! It began to get stronger and bigger everyday, until it finally opened its eyes! And it sure did have some big eyes! It was certainly growing cuter, and Jeff could tell it was some sort of rodent, but something was still a bit off.

imgur/Jeff Longo

Jeff had never nursed an animal back to health, but over the next three months he did everything he possibly could for his new furry friend. He even named his little buddy Biscuit!

Over time, the animal’s ears popped out, and it grew even more fur! It no longer looked like some sort of alien, but more like a kind of gerbil. But Jeff still wasn’t able to tell what kind of creature Biscuit actually was. Was it hamster? Or maybe a guinea pig?

imgur/Jeff Longo

So, what animal family did Biscuit actually belong to? Biscuit began growing gray fur from the tip of her nose all the way down to the tip of her tail.

Considering that Biscuit’s tail had fur all over it, it absolutely ruled out her being a rat. The underside of Biscuit’s belly was covered in white fur. Look at her holding her little tail! It looks like she’s waiting for some wonderful belly rubs!

imgur/Jeff Longo

Having to raise a baby of unknown origin, that still required nurturing, was tough for Jeff. But because he is a very persistent person, Biscuit didn’t just survive, she thrived!

Even the family dogs got along with Biscuit! They were able to understand that Biscuit was a “friend, not food." After a while, Biscuit got used to living with Jeff. It appeared that even the dogs like having her around, too. "I just have to watch them so they don't accidentally squish her," Longo told the Daily Mail jokingly.

imgur/Jeff Longo

Biscuit went everywhere with Jeff, even to his place of work. Apparently, they don’t mind having tiny unknown creatures hanging out. After a while, Biscuit would ride in Jeff’s pocket.

As Biscuit’s eyes grew, and her tail got bushier, people around Jeff thought that Biscuit was a tree squirrel. But when Jeff took a closer look, he realized there was something a bit different about Biscuit.

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