By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

27 Weird Facts That Almost Nobody Knows… #18 Blows EVERYONE Away.

Between managing things like work, family, school, and perhaps even a few leisure activities or hobbies, it might very well be possible that you don't have more room in your brain for information of any kind. However, if you do, why not make it this interesting and random trivia? In fact, we think it's healthy to keep a balance of useful info and fun randomness in the brain at all times - just think about how great it will be when you bust out #28 at a party.

#1. Until the 1800's, dentures were often made from the teeth of dead soldiers.

#2. Robert Downey Jr. credits Burger King for getting him off drugs: Apparently, he ate a burger that was so nasty, it made him rethink his life choices and throw all of his drugs into the ocean.

#3. The female lion does 90% of the hunting for the pride.

#4. The current US flag was designed by high schooler Robert Heft as part of a school project. He initially got a B- on the project, but when his design was chosen for the country, his teacher gave him an A.

#5. Even though it was in their 1965 contract, the Beatles refused to play to a segregated audience.

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