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15 Bizarre DiscoveriesThat Scientists Still Can't Explain.

We all know that the ocean is a deep, and sometimes, frightening place. Massive creatures with large threatening teeth are just one of the things that have been found in the depths of the ocean, but there are even more terrifying things out there to be discovered. If you're already afraid of being in the ocean, then you should just stop reading right now because this list will surely give you nightmares.

Japan's Atlantis

In 1987, an odd structure was found off the coast of Japan. The structure has parallel faces, holes, sharp edges, and a triangular shaped pool. For obvious reasons, it was nicknamed “Japan’s Atlantis” and has been the center of debate for over 20 years. Some people believe that the structure is an underground city hidden from the public eye, while others believe that it’s simply a unique rock formation.

Purple Blob

The Ocean Exploration Trust was established in 2008 by Dr. Robert Ballard to engage in ocean exploration and education, and explore they did. In 2016, the organization discovered a strange purple blob off the coast of California. At first, they joked that it was a giant spider sack or an octopus, but still, they couldn’t figure out what it was. The identity of the Blobus purpilis is still unknown!

Purple Blob

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Baltic Sea Anomaly

While Swedish explorer Peter Lindberg, Dennis Åsberg, and their crew were at the bottom of the Baltic Sea in 2011, they came across an unknown structure. As the divers got within 200 meters of the strange object, their electrical equipment malfunctioned. The crew noticed from sonar imaging that the anomaly had what appeared to be a perfectly round hole, a staircase, and square framing. As you can imagine, the photos had many people speculating that it was a UFO wreck. Professor Volker Brüchert of Stockholm University believes the structure was formed during the Ice Age after studying some of its rock samples. But Brüchert did add that the samples might be hiding something else beneath the surface, possibly something artificial. Unfortunately, news articles claimed that the structure was debunked, so Lindberg and his crew have been unable to get financing to return there to see if it's artificial or natural.


In 1997, a very strong, ultra-low “bloop” was recorded by several stations, which happened to be thousands of miles away from one another. Scientists haven’t necessarily ruled out that the sound, which has never been heard again. The scientists can keep looking into that one, but we think it should be left alone.

Bimini Road

Erosion is natural occurrence that happens everywhere in nature, even in the ocean. Twenty feet down into the ocean, off of the Bahamian shores, a long, abandoned road was discovered. Now, while finding a road under the water would be absolutely insane, geologists and archaeologists are in disagreement over whether it’s an actual road or just natural erosion.

Bimini Road


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