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15 Bizarre DiscoveriesThat Scientists Still Can't Explain.


As you should already know, most of the world has already been explored and mapped out. And while most places tend to be in the same place, some places mysteriously vanish. This is the case for the island of Bermeja, which was located in the Gulf of Mexico. Did you notice that we used the word “was?” Well, that's because Bermeja can no longer be found! Mexican officials investigated the area, but they weren’t able to find anything. It’s believed by conspiracy theorists that the CIA had something to do with the island’s disappearance.

Giant Staircase

Antarctica is a vast uncharted land of ice, snow, and of course, penguins. Recently, a staircase-looking structure was discovered in Antartica through Google Earth. Most scientists believe that the structure is just an impact mark from a crater, but others, of course, believe that it could be UFOs or even an old Nazi base. All we know is that whoever would land on Antartica is out of their mind, obsessed with penguins or a glutton for icy-cold punishment.

Lost City

For centuries, scientists, archaeologists, and unsuspecting travelers have stumbled across ancient ruins. In 2002, though, marine scientists discovered an archaeological structure from an Indian city that was approximately 9,000 years old! That makes it the oldest civilization ever discovered! But once again, people are skeptical about whether or not it’s real.

Lost City


Blue Whale Mating Calls

Humans have been recording the sounds of whales in the ocean for many years. While most of the whales have always sounded the same, there has been something going on with the mating calls of the Blue whales! Recently, marine biologists studying the whales have discovered that the Blue whales mating sound has become a much deeper frequency. Many scientists believe that the change in pitch is due to an increase in the competition for mates!

Mystery Eyeball

This incredibly large eye was discovered floating around in the ocean water near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Scientists believe that the eye was from a rather large swordfish or a deep-sea squid, but it seems that some human interaction was involved since it was perfectly dissected from the unknown creature.

Mystery Eyeball


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