By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Weird (Funny) Products That You’ll Definitely Want… #23 Is Hilariously Rude.

Gag gifts are truly one of life's biggest paradoxes. On the one hand, the gag gift is meant to be a joke, and therefore most people don't expect to actually want to use it. On the other hand, lots of gag gifts are surprisingly useful - as long as you're not too embarrassed to be seen with them.

Below are 25 strange and wonderful products that could totally fall under the umbrella of gag gift, but that you'll also really want to use. Behold them in all of their glory below. Just a warning: You may scream with excitement when you see the brilliance that is #12. Once you've got one of those, life just won't ever be the same.

#1. Hyperlip

French designer Sascha Nordmeyer has commercialized her art, and now the Hyperlip is available for purchase. This would look pretty epic on your Instagram page, wouldn't it?

#2. The Vibrating Bra

This bra claims to increase the size of your breasts just by wearing it. Think of it as a Shake Weight for your boobs - and it probably feels pretty good, too.

The Vibrating Bra

#3. The Jacks

These skull candle holders “cry” as the candle melts. A little cool, a little creepy: What's not to love?

#4. OMG Penis Egg Fryer

This might seem unnecessary, but you don't know true joy until you've seen the look on someone's face after you've served them eggs shaped like a penis.

#5. The Face Blanket

This product advertises that users can "become instantly unrecognizable" while wearing it. We think it would be ideal to avoid interacting with anyone on an airplane.

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