By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

He Spent Months Filming The Terrifying Beauty Of Nature… This Is What He Saw.

When photographer Jeff Boyce took a road trip through the United States and Canada this spring, he amassed over 70,000 photographs. He took the images and created "Edge of Stability," a time-lapse video of the best pictures shot across 15 states. Boyce’s video captures the wonder found in storm clouds, the Milky Way, and even a developing tornado.

Boyce loves the balance of power and beauty that comes from nature. It is not uncommon to find him in the middle of a lightning storm. Not all of his images require him to be in danger, the sequence of the Aurora Borealis will leave you speechless.

This man filmed heaven for 7 days. The footage is spectacular!

Source: Jeff Boyce