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25 Weird (But True) Facts That Most People Don’t Know, #14 Has Got Me Worried.

#6. When he died peacefully at age 79, Tran Van Hay could look with satisfaction at his loving family and accomplished career as a Vietnamese traditional herbalist. And also at his hair, which was over 22 feet long and weighed over 23 pounds. He'd stopped cutting it at age 25 and felt that it inspired him to live a simple, contented life.


#7. Ah, Brazil! Soccer, sexy swimsuits, a gorgeous multicultural society that has now destroyed all its claims to sanity by putting peas on pizza. Green peas are one of the most popular pizza toppings in the country, and we don't speak enough Portuguese to even ask why.

#8. You mock horses for having long, goofy-looking teeth. Don't be so mean -- throughout a horse's life, its teeth never stop growing. Also, horses can't really understand it when you make fun of them. Stop talking to horses, it's weird.

#9. He had the beard and the yoga, but not the fixed-gear bike or the sleeve tattoos. Henry David Thoreau wrote his famous "Walden" in the 1850's while living alone by the shores of a Massachusetts pond, and may have been America's first enthusiastic practitioner of yoga.

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#10. This may not be news to CSI devotees, but hair can provide a huge amount of information to scientists and cops alike. It keeps a record of everything that's been in your bloodstream for as long as it's been growing, but it will conceal one secret: a man's hair can't be distinguished from a woman's, at least under a microscope.

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