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Squiggle Eyebrows And Lips Are The Strangest Beauty Trend Of 2017.

You were so convinced that you had all of the latest beauty trends figured out. Then squiggle brows came along, and it's totally thrown you off your game. That's right! This blogger-induced trend, courtesy of vlogger Promise Tamang, has been making waves across Instagram, after she decided to tried doing it to her own brows. Since then, it seems like everyone's been embracing the insanely fabulous look. So, if you're really looking to stand out, and let's face it, who doesn't? Then you should so consider squiggling your brows, cause it'll help rock your style in a way that is revolutionary!

Makeup artist have scrambled to add their own spin on this "squiggle brows" phenomenon. There are a variety of versions out there since Promise Tamang first introduced us to squiggle brows, and one of the most popular involves making waves using the outer edge of the eyebrow while leaving the rest of it looking natural. But if you want to be bold, then try using brightly colored eyeshadows and rhinestones to decorate your lids.

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Best of all, this bold new look doesn't require any tweezing! Yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief now, cause to squiggle your brows you don't need to pluck any hair out of your eyebrows. You just need to use some PVA glue, which according to Tamang, will flatten the hairs on your brows in the same direction, and not mess up your squiggly makeup when you apply it.

Once you've tamed your wild eyebrows, getting the squiggle look is oh-so easy. To create the squiggles, use black gel eyeliner mixed with pomade, which is so much better than conventional hair gel and won't dry your brows. Just remember not tweeze or wax your brows into the popular squiggle shape or you'll be dealing with the consequences of turning them back to the regular shape once this fad is in the rear-view mirror. But if you couldn't get enough of this fabulous trend, take it to the next level and try it on your lips!

In the wake of squiggle brows being so trendy and ultra-popular, women came up with squiggle lips. Yup! Instead of having regular looking lips, some women have been giving themselves a squiggle makeover which some feel looks like a toddler or someone who is super drunk tried putting on makeup. As a result, the trend has been met with a bit of mixed reviews by some folks. After all, there aren't too many times that you've woken up, looked in the mirror and decided that you wanted your brows and lips to look like slithering earthworms.

In the end, it's all about trial and error, so make sure you do it right the first time. By shaping your brows with washable glue and using eyeliner to give the illusion of squiggly lines, you can rest assured that if your boss at work tells you it's unacceptable, or your friends and family are simply pointing and laughing, you can simply wash all that stuff off and go back to your normal brows without any worries.

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