By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

The World’s Most Bizarre Tourist Attractions Will Give You A VERY Different Vacation.

When planning a vacation, carving out time to relax is usually and understandably the top priority. You can do this by booking a room with an oversized bed, scheduling a spa appointment, leaving all forms of technology at home, or lying out on the beach.

But one of the best parts of vacation is also finding strange, quirky places to visit. With places like the Island of the Dolls in Mexico and a Prada shop in the desert, you'll discover just how deep man's imagination goes. It's fascinating, and sometimes a little creepy, to learn the different stories and legends behind them.

Scroll below to see 21 strange tourist sites, and let us know about some other ones you've visited!

#1. Lovers of history and medicine should stop by the Old Operating Theatre Museum And Herb Garret in London, an actual operating room in the 19th century.

#2. Prada Marfa is located in Valentine, Texas. Don't get too excited, the building is more symbolic than anything as it isn't an actual shop. Artists Elmgreen and Dragset described their work as a "pop architectural land art project."

#3. The Gnome Reserve & Wild Flower Garden in the English town of Holsworth is home to over 1,000 gnomes and pixies. You can even blend in with the gnomes by donning a loaned hat.

#4. Not sure how you'll feel about the Cockroach Hall of Fame Museum in Plano, Texas, but the point is to get you to see these insects in a different light. They're featured in thoughtfully designed dioramas.

#5. The Fremont Troll in Seattle, Washington, was built to create a greater sense of community through art.

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