By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Mysterious Clouds Were Spotted In The Arctic Circle, And Scientists Are Worried.

During this time of year in Tromsø, Norway residents are treated to a brilliant display of Northern Lights. Situated above the Arctic Circle, this city witnessed a new and just as spectacular show of lights against the dark backdrop. The polar stratospheric clouds were recently captured in the early morning hours by photographer Truls Melbye Tiller.

The clouds are composed of ice crystals appearing in temperatures of -121°F above the earth’s atmosphere. The crystals give off the bright iridescent colors because it is high enough to catch the sun’s ray. Tiller says this rare phenomenon is a nice break from the regular scenery this time of year. "Here the sun is gone for now, but this beautiful view makes the winter and the dark months nice to be in as well," explains Tiller.

Despite their dazzling beauty, they pose a danger. Gases are released into the atmosphere; this light exhibition also contributes to the slow deterioration of the ozone layer.

Although they look close to the surface, the Polar stratospheric clouds are approximately 70,000 feet high.

These clouds contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer.

Chemical reactions release dangerous gases like chlorine monoxide.

Source: IFL Science