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By Camila Villafañe

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Stray Dog Makes The Most Gorgeous Transformation With A Little TLC.

Skye was in really bad shape when she was picked up off the streets by animal control officers in Palm Valley, Texas. Sadly, her case isn't an isolated incident. There are people out there who go on with their lives without giving a second thought to stray animals. But at the end of the day, these poor creatures are the ones who remain homeless, hungry, and disease-ridden. They're forced to survive one day at a time, not knowing if today will be their final day on Earth. Fortunately, this was no longer the case for Skye, and you won't believe her shocking transformation.

Skye was a 1-year-old husky mix who wasn't in the best of shape when animal control found her.

The pooch suffered from mange, a skin disease caused by parasitic mites, which resulted in the loss of most of her fur. Her health was also compromised by a tick-borne disease. And if that weren't bad enough, she was abnormally thin and weak from lack of food.

When the animal control officers in Palm Valley, Texas brought Skye in, things didn't look good for her.

The staff at the local shelter had placed Skye on the euthanasia list. The shelter's protocol is well known for having the biggest number of euthanized animals in the entire country. So, Skye's days seemed numbered.

The reason why the shelter's list is so high is because dogs with medical needs cost a lot of money.

Since the shelter didn't have enough money to treat animals like Skye, they simply get rid of them in a humane way. Despite their protocol, the shelter staff wanted to give Skye every possible chance at a new life.

The shelter staff reached out to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC to see if they would consider taking Skye in.

Stacey Silverstein, who's the co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, said yes to the shelter's request because they knew that if they didn't, then Skye would have been put down. The rescue group took Skye to the vet so they could begin her treatment.

Skye was placed into boarding while Silverstein and her team desperately searched for a foster home.

The pooch stayed at a foster home in Texas for a couple of weeks. Then she moved to a second foster home in New York. But no one realized that her temporary mommy and home would become a permanent one.

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