Stray Dog Interrupted A Bachelor Party, When You See Why You’ll Melt.

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Many bachelor parties are easy to predict. It's the groom's last night of freedom, last time to party wilder than ever with his boys. Parties like these usually consist of lots of alcohol and bro-bonding. Of course they usually result in painful hangovers the next morning.

Mitchel Craddock and his friends were just in the process of doing all that when he was celebrating his bachelor party at a Tennessee cabin in the woods, until an unexpected guest arrived. A stray dog surprisingly showed up at the cabin's front door and wound up changing everyone in the cabin's life from that day forward.

Mitchel and his friends could tell the stray dog was a malnourished female dog from the way she looked. It was obvious that she was food-deprived and running out of milk.

Trevor Jennings

They all decided to name the poor stray dog Annie and followed her into the woods to find a pleasant surprise.

Jacob Rowe

In a hole in the ground, they found a litter of seven puppies covered in dirt and fleas! They were so adorable, how could they not focus all their attention on these little babies?

Jacob Rowe

The rest of the weekend and bachelor party quickly became all about the new found puppies.

Trevor Jennings

Instead of partying, the guys took the puppies in to wash them and feed them with dog food that they bought using their beer fund.

Jacob Rowe

There were eight men in total including the bachelor and there were eight dogs in total including the mom dog. Guess what that means!

Logan Wolf

All the men adopted a dog each! The situation couldn't have been anymore perfect.

Trevor Jennings

Now, Annie (the mom), Knox, Bear, Daisy, gunner, Brimmy, Finn, and Rose (the pups) all live in loving households under the care of loving people.

Associated Press

And the best part? They all live in a five mile radius! The family can get together with ease whenever they want. If this isn't a happy ending, I don't know what is.


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