By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Stray Dog Saved Her From A Vicious Attack, So She Flew 6,000 Miles To Give Him A Home.

Georgina Bradley was on vacation in Greece when the unthinkable happened: While walking on the beach alone, she was attacked by a group of men who wouldn't let her leave. Little did she know that her savior was just around the corner.

Just at the moment when the group of men grabbed her, a stray black dog appeared and started barking and growling at the men. Despite the fact that the dog was tiny, the men were intimidated enough to back off.

After that, Bradley returned home, she couldn't stop thinking about the little dog who had saved her from an uncertain fate. Eventually, she made a huge decision: She would go back to Greece and look for her.

Eventually, Bradley was able to find her savior again. She decided to call her Pepper, and had her microchipped, de-wormed, and also gave her all of her shots. The process cost thousands, but for Bradley, it was worth it. Then came the time to bring Pepper home.

And when she did, Bradley was in for another surprise: Pepper was pregnant! According to Bradley, Pepper is settling in nicely, and she can't wait to start a new chapter with the dog who always has her back.

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Source: Telegraph