‘Untouchable’ Dog Was Left To Die, But A Desperate Phone Call Saved His Life.

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Looking at some of the actions people take, it seems that humans prove to be the most self-centered species on the planet. When we need the love and support, we adopt animals and make them a part of our lives. But when anything goes wrong, we end up neglecting and even torturing these voiceless, and defenseless creatures.

Luckily, there are still good people in the world who step in and taken the initiative of being the voice for these beautiful animals. In an ideal world, everyone understands and respects that animals deserve an equal chance to co-exist on this planet.

Ivan, aka Viktor Larkhill, turned the loss of his beloved canine Simba into a rescue mission that has been in operation for the last eight years. The sole motto of his work is "Saving lives, Inspiring humans."

There are people who go through great lengths to hurt living creatures.

Viktor Larkhill / YouTube

The group was notified of a canine who needed help immediately. Although the location was about three hours away from the pet hospital, staff rushed to the rescue of the dog who was in a horrifying condition.

He received a call asking for help to save an abandoned canine on the verge of dying.


When the canine was found, he could hardly move or breathe. Zeus seemed to be nearing his end.

The girl who found the dog knew that the local vets couldn’t give him proper treatment.

Viktor Larkhill / YouTube

Although, when he was touched by one of the workers, he looked at the human licked their hand as a way of asking for help.

Zeus seemed to have given up on life.


He surrendered completely, letting strangers take him in. The distressed animal was rushed to the hospital.

Zeus had little strength left in him.

Viktor Larkhill / YouTube

As soon as they reached the hospital, Zeus was admitted and sent to the Intensive Care Unit. Several tests were conducted to find the exact extent of his condition. His blood tests came out revealing Zeus had Leishmaniasis, Ehrlichia, and Anaplasma, diseases caused by a number of parasites.

They broke all the traffic rules to save the dog’s life.

Viktor Larkhill / YouTube

After a thorough checkup, it was estimated that his shocking physical condition didn’t happen overnight. His skin was falling apart and he had developed massive crusts and ulcers all over his body. Every ache and pain could have been avoided through early medical attention.

Zeus’s condition was a result of his owner’s neglect.


Zeus is recovering from the trauma he has been through. Along with the physical and mental care at the hospital, he is also receiving love and affection that will help him recover emotionally.

He is being treated by some of the world’s best vets.

Viktor Larkhill / YouTube

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