By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Secret Camera Captures What A Day In The Life Of A Stray Dog Really Looks Like.

22 million people live in Mumbai, and over 70% of them live in debilitating poverty. Surviving on the streets is difficult for people, but human beings aren't the only living things to suffer at the hands of such a rough environment. Throughout the entirety of India, there are tens of millions of stray dogs, most of whom are in a constant battle for resources.

The World For All Animal Care & Adoptions agency is a Mumbai-based animal welfare organization that focuses on getting these stray animals adopted. They also organize large rescue missions, as well as sterilizations to get the stray populations under control. They put together this amazing video, taken by a camera attached to a dog's collar, depicting what life is like from a stray dog's point of view. No animals were intentionally hurt during the making of this video, but it's definitely hard to watch them struggling while making their way through the world.

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Source: WorldForAllVideos