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Instagram Star Got 42.2k Followers By Doing Something Very Unusual In Hong Kong.

Flags are more than colored pieces of fabric that indicate which country you're in: They're symbolic of so much of what that country represents, and signify and important moment in the country's history. And, when you really think about it, they're also incredibly interesting pieces of art.

Valentina Loffredo, who goes by thatsval on Instagram, began finding different country's flags in the architecture around Hong Kong. Inspired, she began to photograph them.

I have been always attracted to graphic design and photography has become a tool to find graphics in the real world and give them life through the people moving in that space. In my search for geometry, patterns and colors, I found myself seeing flags. Flags are the perfect subject for a minimal, eye-catching picture thanks to its strong graphic elements: color blocking and geometric shapes above all.

Loffredo's work is influenced by her love of graphic design, and she finds inspiration in not only flags, but other architectural backgrounds. Check out the photos from her amazing Instagram account below.

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