By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

30 Walls That Were Perfectly Ordinary Until They Went And Did THIS.

Visual communication can be extremely powerful. Murals have been one of the strongest forms of visual communication throughout human history. What started as cavemen depicting their everyday lives on stone walls has evolved into elaborate visual storytellings of the world around us. Murals not only depict the things that tear communities apart, but also those that bind them together: They often commentate on political unrest, celebrate religious ideals, and highlight cultural heritage.

One thing that all murals do is act as a voice for the community that they are created for, for better or for worse. Generally, they have a positive effect on collective morale, and can be an instrumental tool to start conversations in communities that are otherwise segregated. They can also serve as a wonderful way to make people smile!

These beautiful murals are from all over the world. Some of them tell a story, and others are just meant to bring people joy (The mural in Meerane, Germany will definitely put a smile on your face).

#1. Linares, Spain

#2. São Paulo, Brazil

#3. Athens, Greece

#4. Paris, France

#5. Ferentino, Italy

#6. Tauranga, New Zealand

#7. Paris, France

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