By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

32 Unexplained Photos Found On Google Street View… #16 Is Downright Creepy.

In order to gather information for Google Street View, the good people at Google basically had to put people on the ground in cars outfitted with cameras and have them drive around slowly to capture the scene.

For the most part, the Google Street View imagery is relatively benign, but every once in awhile the cameras on the Google cars capture something truly special. These are 32 of those special moments, documented on Google for all of eternity.We only wish we knew where #18 was snapped so we could see it for ourselves.

#1. This guy, who appears to be selling lemonade.

#2. This photo, taken at just the right time.

#3. These two weirdos were just trying to nap.

#4. Chainsawing in the buff.

#5. Horse Boy, just hanging out and keeping it casual.

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