By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Amazingly Pretty Ways To Use String Lights… I’ve Got To Try #17.

#6. Get creative with your event decor.

Perfect for a wedding, shower, or even an awesome birthday party, this DIY shows you how to string lights onto large hoops to add depth and dimension to the aesthetic of your space.

#7. Spice up your room with lit branches.

This clever idea is a great way to pack a lot of decorative punch into a small space.

Spice up your room with lit branches.

Krista Bradley

#8. Light your outdoor party.

Using string lights for a willow tree effect is always a hiti.

Light your outdoor party.

#9. Use jars to make fairy lights.

Mason jars with metal lids make great containers for string lights. The resulting effect makes it look like you've trapped a fairy or dozens of lightening bugs - pure magic.

#10. Add lights to your bushes.

If you want to spruce up your plants, try stringing through a few lights for added ambiance.

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