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By Krista Miranda

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Dog Trapped In Tar Barked Until Someone Saved Him.

Typically, animals do just fine living their daily lives without the interference of humans. Unfortunately, they sometimes get themselves into dangerous predicaments, especially since they don't understand the consequences of their actions. These workers heard something in the distance that chilled their blood, so they decided to investigate. What they found will stick in their minds forever.

While the workers outside of the town of Suwalki, Poland were going about their daily business, they heard a strange sound coming from the distance.

All of a sudden, the workers, who were next to a wooded area, heard a dog barking nonstop. It was as if the dog heard the workers in the distance and was calling out to them for help.

Luckily for the dog, the workers chose to investigate the cries they heard coming from the forest.

As they approached the area where the sound was coming from, they saw something that stopped them in their tracks. Right in front of the workers, there was a dog stranded in a puddle of sticky tar.

Sadly, the dog was unable to move and was clearly distressed.

The workers did what the could to try to rescue the dog, but they were unable to make any progress. Knowing something needed to be done immediately, the workers contacted rescuer Joanna Godlewska from the Niczyje Animal Foundation.

After understanding the gravity of the situation, Joanna raced to the scene.

Joanna had no clue what to expect, but she did the best she could at preparing herself for the worst. While speaking with The Dodo, Joanna said: "When I finally arrived and saw a dog lying in the tar, tears came to my eyes.”

Joanna and the workers believe that the dog had been abandoned and was looking for shelter from the cold.

Unfortunately, this is probably what caused the dog to stumble across the illegally-dumped tar. Of course, the dog had no clue that once it laid down it would become helplessly stuck.

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