By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Cop Caught On Dashcam Helping A Baby Skunk, At 0:55 You’ll Feel Guilty For Laughing.

Cops have to do a lot of tough work. However, when it comes to protecting and serving, that also means they've got to tackle the little stuff. In this instance, it meant that Officer Taylor had to help a baby skunk get out of a tight spot.

The officer was cruising the streets of Rochester, Michigana, when he was called to a very chaotic scene:A baby skunk was running around like crazy, with a yogurt container stuck on his head. We don't know if baby skunks prefer Chobani or Yoplait, but what we do know is that luckily for Officer Taylor, they can't yet spray like adult skunks can. See the hectic and hilarious video below.

Check out what this Dover police officer was caught doing.

Source: LiveLeak Channel