By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

24 Seniors Who Said ‘HELL NO’ To Old-People Clothes… #11 Is My New Hero.

What started as a simple New York City street style project has turned into something incredible, and that's because creator and photographer Ari Seth Cohen shined the spotlight on a group of fashionistas who are too often overlooked.

In his new book Advanced Style: Older & Wiser, Cohen documents the bold, 60+ style mavens of the world, going places that no young person has dared to go before. His images are proof that getting older doesn't have to mean you lose your flair and panache, and frankly, some of these outfits are far better than anything we've seen on the runways recently.

If this isn't a look, we don't know what is.

Cohen photographs stylish seniors from all over the world, documenting their mature, chic, and totally unpredictable approaches to fashion.

The images from Cohen's new book were taken in places like New York City, Los Angeles, Sydney, London, Florence, and Cape Town.

As you can see, 60+ style pervades all corners of the world.

This image is almost too much to handle.

Looking at these images, one imagines that these fashionistas have reached a point in their style careers where they no longer care about rules, trends, or how other people react.

Instead, they just dress however the hell they want to. And as you can see, they look absolutely amazing doing it.

Source: deMilked