By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

85 Year-Old Farmer Is Transformed Into A Hipster Icon By His Grandson.

A Weibo member under the username XiaoYeJieXi (@小野杰西) gave his 85-year-old grandfather a makeover. As a vegetable farmer in Fujian Province, the elderly man usually dresses in casual workwear suited for the fields. His grandson clothed him in dapper three-piece suits complete with a hat and bowtie, which he wore like a natural.

To be sure, there was nothing wrong with the way the grandfather dressed previously, but judging by the photos, he seemed to enjoy the upgrade. Next, XiaoYeJieXi took his grandfather to the city for a tour and photographed him along the way. The results are fit for a fashion magazine.

The pair received plenty of positive feedback, not only as fashion geniuses but as a positive example for younger generations to build relationships with their grandparents.

View the inspiring series below:

Here is the farmer's daily wear:

Here's another well-dressed gentleman.

Source: My Modern Met