Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Pics That Prove Riding The Subway Is Never Boring.

#6. Global temperatures continue to rise, but some people are not about to break a sweat over it.

Well, this might be a sight for sore eyes for some people. But we can't help but think shoving a pad under your armpits is seriously genius, especially during those hot summer days.

#7. It looks like these two are having an eventful life cosplaying as Chucky and his bride Tiffany.

You run into all sorts of interesting characters on the subway but rarely do you meet two possessed dolls who are probably out to get you. These two look even creepier than the movie versions of the characters.

#8. The awesome thing about subways is that if you look close enough you might run into your twin.

This guy didn't meet another person physically, but he did notice he had a doppelganger in this world and it was on this poster on the subway station. Or maybe it literally is this guy and someone used his face for this ad.

#9. It looks like a bunch of drunk German frat boys, but they're just guys heading home from Oktoberfest.

They must have had a really good time and are severely inebriated because most people in their right mind would think twice before leaning too close to the subway walls or laying on those dirty floors.

#10. The Subway is like a box of chocolates, or in this case, a box of pizza with an apology inside.

You never know what you'll find while you’re standing and waiting for your next stop. You might run into a guy who's writing “I’m Sorry” on the inside of a pizza box. Hopefully, he gets a chance to redeem himself.

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