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17 Nerdy Child Stars Who Grew Up To Become Super-Hot.

Your favorite child actors are the ones you obsessed over as a kid yourself: you identified with their characters, got obsessed with their on-screen personas, and even tried to act like them a little bit from time to time (or all the time). But eventually, you grew up and got over your favorite childhood idols -- but many don't stop to think that while you were doing that, your childhood idols were growing up, too.

And while many of us face the realities of aging with a resolute shrug (hair loss, weight gain, etc), there's just something about Hollywood that keeps you in rare form, no matter how old you get. These child stars were adorable when they were kids, but now they are all grown up and total hotties, and you just have to see what they look like now. From your favorite teen movie stars to the best Disney kids, these are the child stars who grew up and got hot. Just wait until you see the chick from Spy Kids.

#1. Amber Scott

She was the little girl (and daughter to Robin Williams' character) in "Hook," and now she's just busy being a total knockout -- at least according to her recent headshot.

Amber Scott

#2. Alisan Porter

Alisan Porter was discovered in 1987 on Ed McMahon's "Star Search." This led to her role in "Curly Sue," a staple of most of our childhoods. Porter went on to struggle with alcoholism, but she's been in recovery for awhile and recently made news by blowing the judges away on The Voice.

Alisan Porter

Paul A. Hebert / Invision/AP

#3. Abigail Breslin

Abigail Breslin was intentionally awkward in Little Miss Sunshine,but now, she's all grown up and a total knockout. We still think the glasses were cute, though.

Abigail Breslin

#4. Marguerite Moreau

You might remember her as Connie from "The Mighty Ducks," but this grown up version of the tomboy child star is still working today.

Marguerite Moreau

#5. Mike Vitar

'90s kids will remember him as Benny the Jet from "The Sandlot." He's just another face in the crowd now, but true Sandlot fans would recognize him anywhere.

Mike Vitar

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