By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These Kittens Made An Adorable Mistake, And It’s Cutest Error You’ll Ever See.

Suetoshi Ranch in Japan is a safe haven for many different kinds of animals. What started as a ranch that housed more than 90 retired race horses has transformed into an animal-lover's dream come true, completely with farm animals, piles of kittens, and even an stoic capybara.

The ranch is owned by Naoki Fujiwara, who was bothered that in Japan, at least 20,000 retired race horses are slaughtered each year. Instead of letting them meet an untimely fate, Fujiwara gives his animals a place to call home. In the video below, a few of these animals are spotted being cute as hell and looking totally contented -- in other words, just the way an animal's life should be.

Next, adorable photos of capybaras and their BFFs.

Source: suetoshi2004