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People On Facebook's Buy And Sell Group Rally To Save Suicidal Man.

There's a time in everyone's life when you feel a little lost. It feels like things just keep happening to you and you can't seem to find the end in sight. For most people these feelings are fleeting, but that isn't the case for everyone. Some people aren't able to bring themselves out of their depression and seek a more permanent end to their problems. A man from Australia was feeling so desperate to end his life, that he had an offer for anyone who would help him.

The social media website, Facebook, is used for so many wonderful things.

You can reunite with long-lost friends or family, adopt a new puppy, and even conduct business for your company. These are all pretty normal things, but on Monday, members of a Gold Coast Buy and Sell Facebook group read something that made their jaws drop.

The social media website, Facebook, is used for so many wonderful things.

A man posted in the group that he was willing to give all of his possessions to someone, if they would fulfill one request for him.

Other members became very curious as to why he was wanting to give away all of his things. After all, who gives away literally everything they own?

So they began to ask what it was that he wanted in return.

He said it was simple. He would give all of his belongings to one person...if they would kill him.

Hundreds of people began reaching out to the man.

They offered words of advice while some of them tried to find out where he was located. "There's plenty out there to live for, sometimes it takes time to find what it is. You may not find it now but you will in time," one person commented.

The group continued to give him encouraging words, but he wasn't giving up his mission.

One man even figured out where the suicidal man lived to try to help him. Eventually, paramedics were able to reach the man, and he went willingly with them to get some help.

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