By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

22 Summer Hacks You Need To Know… But Don’t Tell Your Boss About #14.

#11. Create a portable DIY air conditioner with a styrofoam cooler, frozen water bottles, and a fan.

#12. To treat mosquito bites, dab a cotton ball in vinegar and hold it over the wound. It should remove the swelling and itch.

#13. Shake a bottle of soda, freeze it for 3-4 hours. Take it out, and you've got yourself a DIY slushy.

#14. On vacation but still working? Encase your laptop in a cardboard box so you can see the screen better.

#15. If you've got ants and you're looking for natural pest control: Blend popcorn kernels into cornmeal, and leave them around the ant trails you see.

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