By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

14 Fun Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer… #9 Is Extremely Effective.

#11. Make your personal fan.

Use craft paper to fold in accordion style. Fold the paper in half and repeat two more times. Glue the middles and ends together. Use two popsicle sticks to glue on the opposite ends of the paper to complete your fan.

#12. Frozen fruit ice cubes.

Fill an ice cube tray with your favourite fruit. Pour water to the top and freeze it for a couple of hours. You can add it to your water for a soft, fruity flavour or just suck on the cubes.

#13. Turn a large soda bottle into a sprinkler

Use a clean, large soda bottle and poke eight holes the size of a skewer stick. Pick up a hose adapter and hose washers from your local hardware store. Twist both pieces on the end of the bottle, attach the other end to the hose. Turn the water on and enjoy your new sprinkler.

#14. Avoid a restless sleep.

Place your bed sheets in the freezer for approximately 30 minutes before going to bed. Furthermore, make sure you are switching your summer fabric to cotton.

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