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By Huong Ngo

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Backyard Party Ideas For Your Most Memorable Summer Ever.

Whether you're a fan of the season or not, you must admit — summer is the best season for parties. This is especially true if you have a house with a pool or spacious backyard. So why sulk in loneliness on a hot day when you can invite your friends over for some fun?

Now if you've never hosted a party before, don't worry. We have plenty of party themes and ideas for you to explore. Just remember, all a great party takes is good company, great vibes and good food.

#1. Colorful Summer Picnic.

When the sun is out, there's no better time to have a picnic! Bring out all the picnic blankets and finger food! If you've already had one or two picnics before, having a party-version of one should be easy to host!

#2. DIY Couples Game Night Party.

If you're in a relationship and happen to have a lot of friends who are couples, invite them over for a fun game night! It'll be a friendly competition between you, your significant other and a group of your closest friends. As for the games you could play: the list is endless!

#3. Pool Float Party.

If you got a pool at your place, what better time to take advantage of it? Invite your friends over for the ultimate pool party, but make sure to remind them that each guest in responsible for bringing their own float to the party!

#4. Hawaiian Luau.

Summer is probably the best time to visit Hawaii. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford a plane ticket to that paradise. What we can afford is throwing our own personal luau! Bring out the luau decor and get ready for some hula dancing!

#5. Lemonade Stand Treat Box.

If you're on a budget for your summer party, then you can never go wrong with an awesome lemonade stand party! You can even create cute DIY treat boxes for your guests.

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