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25 Summer DIY Projects To Get Your Home In The Mood For Sunshine.

It's that time of the year! Get that sunblock, beach towel, and air conditioning ready because summer is here! For many people, this season is their vacation time.

With so much time off it can sometimes be difficult to keep yourself occupied each day. And although all summer activities are super fun, not all of them are affordable. But keeping yourself occupied doesn't necessarily mean you have to spend money every time. You can fill up your time with some free activities like the following DIY projects!

#1. Pineapple String Lights

Upgrade a normal pair of string lights by turning the bulbs into mini pineapples! Cover the bulbs with twist ties, spray paint them yellow afterwards and then attach green felt to the top of each one.

#2. Summer Snow Globe

Snow globes don't always have to be filled with snow and displaying wintery days. It can also display summer days with tropical decor! All you need is a mason jar, some fun summery plastic figurines, glitter, hot glue, and glycerin.

#3. Picture-Perfect Centerpieces

Fill a painted lantern with your favorite family photos to recreate these precious centerpieces! They're great for late summer night barbecues and parties.

Picture-Perfect Centerpieces

Alison Gootes/Studio D

#4. Watermelon Flavored Cake

You probably didn't think it was possible but yes you can make a cake that both looks and TASTES like a watermelon! The secret ingredients are watermelon-flavored jello and watermelon puree.

#5. Outdoor Cushions

Create your very own outdoor loungers by connecting three bed pillows together. Aside from the pillows, all you'll need is a waterproof vinyl case and four yards of weather-resistant fabric.

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