By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

24 Summer Toys You Didn’t Know You Needed… #3 Is A Million Dollar Idea.

Do you have a lot of epic plans laid out for the summer? Are you hoping to spend the hottest weekends of the year lounging by the closest available beach, pool, or lake, hoping to catch as many rays as possible while sipping on refreshing cocktails? If so, your plans sound totally amazing. However, it is possible for your summertime activities to get even better.

You may not think that these 24 products sound necessary, but then again, summer isn't about what you need: It's about what you want. These toys and gadgets could take your summertime adventures to the next level - or at least make your beach drinking time a lot more convenient. Check out the amazing ideas below. #18 just might change your life.

#1. A floating, waterproof ping poing table.

#2. An inflatable slice of pizza for fun on the water.

#3. A hybrid cooler/USB charger/cutting board/blender.

#4. Floating wine glasses that can also be stuck in the sand.

#5. A diving mask with an HD camcorder built in.

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