By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Her Children Don't Play With Smartphones Or Computers During Summertime. They Do This Instead.

Izabela Urbaniak’s rule for her kids during the summer is that they have a lot of fun. The Polish photographer has been capturing her two sons and their three cousins enjoy their holidays with her series Summertime, since 2012. The family spends their time living at a lake house in the village of Lugowiska.

Urbaniak proves that kids don’t need any type of technology for their childhood to be magical and full of adventures. “Since most of us are dependent on technology, I'm glad when I am for a while to some extent cut off from that, spending time in the countryside. These pictures show that children can play and to be happy without the Internet and computers,” she says.

Urbaniak’s is taken back to her own childhood spent at her grandmother’s countryside home. The shutterbug admits she joins in on the kids' fun as well.

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