Lisa Be

By Lisa Be

LifeBuzz Staff

They Were Told To Go Outside And Look At The Sky. This Is What They Saw!

The phone rang at Pauli Hänninen’s house, it was a friend telling them to go outside and look up at the sky. So Paul and his family went outside...

This is what they saw.

These are sun halos or 22 degree halos, which are produced by the ice crystals in cirrostratus clouds. The crystals bend direct sunlight, projecting it elsewhere into the sky, and at a certain angle -22 degrees – a halo can be seen around the sun.

Paul described that night in his village in Finland, “It was cold and very foggy, the temperature was around -10 degrees Celsius. When the clouds began to break, there were rainbow colors in the sky and a halo spanning 360 degrees! It was worth taking a picture or two.” 

Can you imagine seeing this in the sky?

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