By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This NASA Footage Of The Sun Just Reconnected Me To My Lost Sense Of Wonder.

Five years ago, NASA launched it's Solar Dynamic Observatory. The mission had one primary goal: To observe the sun in as close detail as possible. The idea wasn't just to observe the sun for it's beauty (like your mom always warned you about when you were a kid), but to study and analyze the sun's magnetic activity, as well as to document how this massive star absorbs, converts, and releases magnetic energy.

If all of this sounds too scientific for you, don't worry! NASA has decided to honor the fifth anniversary of SDO by releasing this amazing video, showcasing footage from their 1,826 days of sun gazing. Watch the spectacular footage below (The bit at 3:00 is just gorgeous).

Want to learn more about the crazy awesomeness you just saw? Check out NASA's SDO website!

Source: NASA Goddard