By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Guy Is Making Sunglasses From Old Whiskey Barrels… Best Upcycling Ever.

The sun is shining more and more every day, and when that happens the first order of business is to get a new pair of killer shades. Some of the trendier styles and brands can really break the bank, leaving you with very little scratch to buy a cute swimsuit. One creative guy decided to make his own sunglasses, using nothing but some lenses from an old pair and whiskey barrel. Check out how he did it below.

After roughing out the shape from the barrel stave, sketched on lens shape and then drilled it out with hole saw.

Drilled out lens area, cleaned up with dremel.

Split arms with bandsaw and cleaned up with belt sander, then dremel.

Set hinges with dremel.

After both hinges set, cut a thin break below them with a Japanese saw.

Cutting lens groove.

Cutting lens groove.

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