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Sunset Hair Is The Next Big Coloring Trend… And It’s Jaw Dropping.

As winter approaches, days get shorter and colder. Of course, most of us begin to dream of being on a hot, tropical getaway, watching the breathtaking colors of the sun beginning to set. The newest hair trend pays tribute to the fiery and passionate colors of the tropics.

Sunset hair imitates the vivid colors of the sun, sky, and ocean. To achieve the exotic look, tresses are given a gradient effect where the ends are lighter while the roots are darker. And if you think it’s impossible to recreate the beauty of twilight in a hairdo, the waves of pink, yellow, purple, and aqua prove otherwise.

The intensity of the colors really depend on how far the person is willing to make their hair stand out. Some of the hues in this new trend also remind me of the fruity drinks we enjoy while vacationing on sandy beaches.

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