Video Of Mom Getting Triplets (+Toddler) Ready For Bed Is Delightfully Tiring.

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Bedtime routine is a production for any household with small children, but having to do it with four kids still in diapers requires focus and a lot of patience. Dan Gibson recorded his partner Corrie-Lynn Whyte getting their eight-month-old triplets and two-year-old into their jammies.

Olivia, Levi, and Jackson crawl, twist, and turn while their older sister Emily jumps on and off the bed. Whyte simply smiles at the cute chaos on her mattress. The clip is set in fast time lapse recording of just over two minutes. In real-time, the whole process took the supermom an impressive six minutes.

The video has gone viral with parents around the world admiring the 26-year-old mom. Whyte loves her life with her quartet, although she admits the hardest part is that “they all want your attention, while going in four different directions.” You may find yourself exhausted after watching their night routine.

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