By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

30 Tiny Objects That Shouldn’t Exist, #11 Is Annoyingly Impossible.

Even if you aren't into collecting dollhouses or making replicas, there's just something so satisfying about tiny objects -especially ones that look exactly like the real thing. Tiny things are so popular, in fact, that there is an entire Internet subculture dedicated to them: Making them, eating them when edible, and using them as props in tiny videos.

Below are 30 tiny objects that will have the miniature-lover inside all of you squealing with delight. They're cute, their painstakingly accurate, and above all, they are really, really small. #25 is definitely our favorite.

#1. A wee bit of deliciousness.

#2. How many of these would you need per visit to the bathroom?

#3. The tiniest toaster.

#4. For digging an ant-sized hole.

For digging an ant-sized hole.

#5. When you just want a spot of tea.

When you just want a spot of tea.

#6. When there's only a little bit of work to do.

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