By Keith

LifeBuzz Staff

THIS Is What Happens When You Master The Vital Art Of Super Bowl Snacks.

The biggest sporting event on American soil is the Super Bowl. This year, the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots will go head to head in Glendale Arizona, for the 49th Super Bowl.

Over 100 million people will be glued to their TV on February 1st. Families and friends from all over the country will get together to witness the big game. If you are hosting this year's Super Bowl party, be aware that some people will watch the game, others will only want to see the halftime performance and some might only be interested in the commercials, but everyone will be interested in the food!

We came up with our list of delicious foods that you need to have at your Super Bowl party. All of these foods are guaranteed to make your guests happy, no mater how the game turns out.

#1. Blue Cheese Bites

This simple three-ingredient recipe will start your party off on the right foot. It combines the taste of melted butter and crumbled bleu cheese on a soft warm biscuit. Click here for this recipe: blue cheese bites

#2. Pulled Pork Sliders with Ranch Coleslaw

When the game gets going and the appetites have been whet, now is the time to bring out the sliders. These sliders made are the best. They have the heat of the pork barbecue complimented nicely with the cool coleslaw and ranch dressing. Click here for the complete recipe: pulled pork sliders with ranch coleslaw

#3. RedHot Buffalo Chicken Wings

Don't let the hot sauce fool you. These wings are absolutely the best. They are spicy enough to need a drink from your favorite beverage but not too spicy to burn your tastebuds. Serve with bleu cheese dressing and plenty of napkins. Click here for this easy recipe: franks redhot buffalo chicken wings

#4. Prosciutto Wrapped Roasted Asparagus

These mouthwatering delights are a great way to incorporate some vegetables into your Super Bowl mix. Delicious roasted asparagus spears wrapped with a lightly smoked Italian prosciutto. Click here for this easy recipe that will delight all your guests: prosciutto wrapped asparagus

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