By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Uses Nothing But Paint To Transform Himself Into 2D Superheroes.

In Temecula, California, artist Argenis Pinal is taking the time-honored craft of cosplay to a whole new level. Instead of dressing up as his favorite characters, he literally transforms into them using body and face paint. The results are so chillingly accurate, it's hard to believe you're staring at a man and not an animation.

When he's not doing makeup for fashion shoots, Pinal paints himself and his friends as their favorite comic book characters. His precision, shading, and attention to detail are what makes his work so inspired. See Superman, Venom, Cyclops, and more below. Wonder Woman will totally blow your mind.

Himself / Wedding Make-Up

Female Magneto / Zombie Wolverine

Cyborg Superman / White Queen

Wonder Woman

Zombie Wolverine

The Joker / Harley Quinn

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