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14 Weird Examples Of Ordinary Humans With Actual Superpowers.

We have all fancied ourselves a superhero at one point or another - maybe you used to think you could fly when you were a kid, or find yourself wondering if your biceps have been supernaturally enhanced at the gym. The truth is, most of our super-ability is a product of our own imaginations. That's not the case for this league of extraordinary gentlemen.

We've learned that there are men in this world who have a little something extra going on. So look out! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...14 seemingly normal dudes with unbelievable natural abilities!

#1. The Electric Man

Jose Rafael Marquez Ayala of Puerto Rico is an electrician, and he also has a pretty shocking power: He can conduct electricity through his body, and is even able to set fire to paper and use his harnessed electricity to power lightbulbs.

#2. The Farting Frenchman

Joseph Pujol was a French stage performer and a flatulist, or professional faster. Puyol could fart on command, and produce sounds that resembled cannon fire, animals, and musical instruments.

The Farting Frenchman

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#3. The Eternal Runner

Dean Karzanes has run marathons, ran 350 miles without stopping in an epic 80-hour treadmill session, and has run 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. So, how does Karzanes put your cardio routine to shame? It's due to an increased amount of creatine phosphokinase in his blood, which is an enzyme that heals muscle tissue. For some reason, Karzanes' body doesn't deplete his supply of this enzyme when he runs.

#4. The Professional Head Balancer

"Professional Head Balancer" is John Evans' self-proclaimed title, and he deserves the honor: Evans was able to balance a mini-cooper on his head for 33 seconds.

#5. The Strongtooth

In 2007, Malaysian Rathakrishnan Velu broke his own world record for pulling a train with his teeth. The train weighed approximately 290 tons, and Velu pulled it about 2.8 meters. Apparently, Velu learned to concentrate power to his teeth from an Indian guru when he was a child.

#6. The Real-Life Superman

Chris Hickman, a Florida firefighter, actually lifted a Chevy Trailblazer off of a passenger that was trapped inside. His superhuman strength saved the passenger's life.

#7. The Sharp-Sworded Warrior

Isao Machii of Japan has the Guinness World Record for "Fastest Tennis Ball Cut By Sword," but that's not his best trick: Machii once sliced a pellet from an airsoft gun after it was fired. Scientists believe his unbelievable ability is due to a combination of insane hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and timing.

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