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19 Spooky Stories That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You… And They’re Real.

As much as I claim to hate being scared, I will not turn down a good, terrifying story. It is part of our DNA to enjoy a fright here and there. It is why we watch horror movies or visit haunted houses. Scientists claim that being panic stricken activates our ‘fight or flight’ response, with the brain quickly realizing we are actually safe.

It’s also argued that our brain and bodies become accustomed to being exposed to spooky situations, therefore, stop reacting. We have found some very creepy accounts that beg to differ. These stories will frighten you to the bone, maybe try reading them during the day and not at night by yourself.

#1. James Dean's Porche

It is said, James Dean's Porsche 550 Spyder, nicknamed Little Bastard, was cursed. In 1955, Dean was involved in a fatal collision. Later, the car rolled off the back of a truck and crushed the legs of a mechanic standing nearby.

The Porsche was later taken apart and sold in pieces. However, the vehicle's engine, transmission and tires were put into automobiles that were all later involved in deadly crashes. Even the truck carrying the chassis was in an accident, killing the driver. The car mysteriously vanished and has not been seen since.

James Dean's Porche

#2. Raggedy Ann

In the 1970's, a nursing student got a Raggedy Andy doll from her mom. Shortly afterwards, she and her roommate began finding the doll in different areas of their apartment, covered in blood or holding handwritten notes asking for help.

A friend suggested they get rid of it. In retaliation, the toy levitated, strangled the friend, and clawed at his chest. The doll, initially thought to be haunted by the spirit of a girl named Annabelle, was later deemed to be a portal for a demonic entity. The doll is now under constant watch at an occult museum.

Raggedy Ann

#3. Dybbuk Box

A dybbuk is a vengeful spirit in Jewish mythology. One lived in a wine cabinet, belonging to a Polish holocaust survivor who summoned the spirit by accident. This wine cabinet or 'dybbuk box' has had many owners who have tried to get rid of it almost as soon as they got it; they complained of strange health problems and nightmares. The last owner, Jason Haxton locked the dybbuk back in the box and buried it at the suggestion of his rabbis.

Dybbuk Box

#4. Busby's Chair

Thomas Busby loved his chair so much that he cursed anyone who dared to sit in it. In 1702, he was executed for strangling his father-in-law after he tried to take a seat in the coveted chair. It seems not a lot of people took the curse seriously as 63 brave but foolish folks have died after sitting in the chair. The Thirsk Museum in the UK, where the sinister seat now lives, has suspended the chair high above ground to avoid any more fatalities.

Busby's Chair

#5. Abraham Lincoln

It has been documented Abraham Lincoln had visions of his own assassination as early as his first day of his presidency. His wife Mary held séances in the White House after the death of their 12-year-old son. Not only were the President and First Lady able to 'communicate' with their boy but it is also believed other spirits advised Lincoln on how to win the Civil War.

Abraham Lincoln

United States Library of Congress

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