By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

A Young Boy Made A Heartfelt Video… And I Found It Strangely Inspiring.

14-year-old Austin has been struggling for his entire life. Born with the rare Goldenhar Syndrome, a rare genetic condition that causes defects in the head and face, this brave kid has had over 50 surgeries. According to his parents, he has remained brave throughout his entire life, despite the fact that he has been bullied and teased for his appearance.

Austin's mom posted this video with the hopes of raising money for her son's 53rd surgery, which will repair his damaged pallet. Neither she or Austin could have predicted what happened next. Watch this heartbreaking video to hear the rest of Austin's story.

Austin's mom originally hoped to raise $4,000 for his upcoming surgery. According to the last update on GoFundMe, they have raised over $160,000.

Source: Special Needs Mom