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Delinquent Dogs Are Learning To Surf, And It’s Changing Their Lives.

If you want your puppies to learn discipline and focus, consider putting them in surfing classes. Former surfing champion Chris de Aboitiz has spent the last 10 years teaching his four rescue canines how to ride the waves in Sydney, Australia.

Now Aboitiz spends time on the beach training other pups as well as their humans. "People make a lot of mistakes in training their dogs, who end up being dominant over them. Training the dog is the easy part, you also need to train the owner,” says the surfing teacher.

"Surfing is not just about training dogs, it is about understanding them and their behavior," explains Aboitiz.

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Aboitiz surfs everyday with his four rescues; Max, Murph, Rama, and Millie.

Teaching dogs how to surf follows the same principles of obeying commands. ”When you are surfing with the dogs they are allowed to look around but they have to sit on the board and not move, or we fall off and get wet. Training dogs for everyday life is the same," says Aboitiz.

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