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By Huong Ngo

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18 Surprise Birthday Ideas For An Unforgettable Special Day.

Who doesn't love a good birthday surprise (minus people who don't like surprises of course)? It's nice to know your friends and/or family think about you and your special day. Some people may even fall victim to expecting a birthday surprise and never receiving one. Don't let that happen to your friends.

Now we all know the number one way to surprise a person on their birthday is with a cake at midnight. If you've already done this trick one or two times however, you need to move on. Don't worry, this doesn't necessarily mean you have to do something extravagant. We've got a few birthday surprise ideas to share with you that anyone can achieve.

#1. Number Shaped Envelope Surprise

Post up various envelopes on the wall to shape the age your birthday person is turning! Fill the envelopes with special notes from you and other friends and family.

#2. Envelope Surprise

Or if your person would rather keep his or her age secret, just post up equally sized envelopes in rows. You can number them so they have a different envelope to open each day.

#3. Hanging Photo Gallery

Have them take a walk down memory lane by creating a photo gallery of all your guys' favorite memories. Just print out some black and white photos straight from your printer and attach them to the bottom of balloon strings.

#4. Eggs in the Mail

This one's for friends who don't live driving distance from you. Surprise them on their special day with a special item in their mail. You can fill these plastic eggs with a small toy or special note.

#5. Surprise Water Balloon Fight

Fill up a basket with water balloons and leave them at the door. Hide across the yard and get ready for an awesome water balloon fight. Be sure to create a full basket of water balloons for yourself as well!

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