By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Grandpa Was Sick, But A Surprise Visit From His Favorite Pony Cheered Him Up.

The transition of moving to a nursing home is difficult. Leaving behind one’s complete independence, daily routine and freedom is tough. Karl Holmen from Norway was moved to an elderly facility when his health began to deteriorate. The 89-year-old missed visiting the stables where he would spend time with his granddaughter’s Shetland pony, Bolla. Given his health, it would be difficult to take Holmen to the stables.

Holmen’s sadness gave his granddaughter Susan Holmen an idea. Why not bring Bolla to the nursing home to cheer the elderly man? Susan Holmen knew that bringing the 32 inch tall foal was not standard practice but within 24 hours she was given the green light by the staff.

Bolla’s visit made Grandpa's day.

The calm pony also greeted other residents and had everyone smiling.

Bolla is welcome back to the nursing home to visit guests.

This grandmother got a hospital visit that made everyone cry.

Source: The Dodo